Welcome To Fitness February #FitFeb

The most common of New Year’s resolutions….

” I am going to get in shape this year finally.”

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt that I wore once to the gym before it was covered in jelly from that donut I was eating.

Working hard, doesn’t work, working smart does, and it frees up a bunch of time. The only commodity you really can’t get back.

Don’t get me wrong, working hard will work for a while, and for the right personality it is fine.. you know the one.. that guy, or girl in the gym at 5 in the morning having the time of their life because they love it.

That isn’t really for me, although I have done it. It works, but it┬áreally isn’t something I can maintain.. one slip, and I am sleeping in. That habit is way easier to maintain as well.

I am trying a new approach to being in shape. Trying an experiment from The 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss. It’s a great book, and the way of eating alone has changed my life for the better.

Here’s a link to it. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I don’t get paid at all for it, he doesn’t even know I exist, I do believe this is one of the best self help books ever written though.

The Four Hour Body Book By Tim Ferriss

This month I am doing the Kettlebell swing experiment.

Three to Four times a week, I will swing a 50 lb kettlebell for 75 reps.

That is it.

Tough right?

We shall see.

I will also be very disciplined about eating the Slow Carb Diet. My cheat days aren’t going to be real extreme, but they will still be there.

When no Kettlebell is available, which is the case in most hotel gyms, I will use a 50 lb dumbell, or as close as I can get to it. I own my own 50 lb Kettlebell, so at home it will be no problem to do.

I am going to see what happens at the end of the month. Maybe nothing, maybe spectacular results, maybe I get fatter.

I will stick to this plan, as I am interested, and I think there is something to it.

Until we meet again….

enjoy #FitFeb



Bear With Me!!!

I recently discovered that my old web site had stopped working. I have completely wiped it out, and am starting it all over from scratch.

This place might be a mess for a few days, but it should be up and running in the very new future.