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I Sit Around (Part Deux)

Round Round Sit Around I Sit Around Yeah Sit Around Round Round I Sit Around I Sit Around In airport towns In the pilot’s lounge It never gets me down. I’m gettin’ bored sittin’ here in this same old seat I’m gonna find a place to hang that’s really sweet My crew and me always […]

Flight of the Falcon

I am pretty sure I sampled every little noise this airplane can make, so enjoy this little piece of music dedicated to Falcon Classic drivers everywhere.

Chemtrails At Night Chemtrails At Night – Mike Wagner (Parody of Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart) I spray my chemtrails at night So I can So I can Work all night and hide from prying eyes And I spray my chemtrails at night So I can So I can Troll your dreams and screams from the […]


My first parody to get some attention… enjoy. This song was me trying to learn how to use an early version of final cut express, how to use a Mac, and how to use a green screen all at once… it surprisingly came out not horrible… lots of bad edits, but that sort of added […]